Patient 4

About the patient:

12-year-old boy and refractory patient with nocturnal polyuria. Home recording taken while on 240mcg desmopressin.
Although this patient has been diagnosed with nocturnal polyuria (average nocturnal urine production of 450 ml) they have been refractory to max doses of desmopressin. The alarm has also been tried previously with no success.

Deciphering the results of the void meter:

  • The boy was asked to measure his nocturnal urine output during desmopressin treatment to see whether or not desmopressin reduces the nocturnal urine output.
  • As it becomes evident the boy is no longer suffering from polyuria but is still wet, this indicates a bladder issue.
  • The boy may benefit from a combination of anticholinergics and desmopressin.
Bedwetting | 2. Diagnosing nocturnal enuresis
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