Here's everything you need to know about desmopressin and how to master this treatment method that can be combined with the enuresis alarm and other medication.

Advice on the desmopressin treatment

If the treatment is effective, it is suggested to attempt breaks every 3 months to assess for a spontaneous cure. It seems that a structural withdrawal with dose reduction is to be preferred (eg. from 240mcg to 120 mcg and then discontinuation).

  • Preferably to be taken 2 hours after food intake
  • Avoid fluid intake following administration
  • Melt formulation is usually preferable
  • Titration may be used with start doses of 120mcg/200mg and increase to 240mcg/400mg if no effect after 1-2 weeks
  • Relapse rates after discontinuation are high
  • No curative effect

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