Impaired fertility

Although your patient most likely is too young to start thinking about starting a family, the potential impaired fertility that comes with cryptorchidism could cause a problem for them in the future.

  • Men with normal descended testes

    Sperm ct. > 20 million 90% Paternity 90-95%

  • Most men with unilateral UDT are fertile

    Sperm ct. > 20 million 21-81% Paternity 59-80%

  • Most men with bilateral UDT are subfertile

    Sperm ct. > 20 million 8-45% Paternity 16-35%


  • Boys with one undescended testis have a lower fertility rate but the same paternity rate as boys with bilateral descended testes.
  • Boys with bilateral undescended testes have both a lower fertility and paternity rate.
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