Tools: Uroflowmetry & non-invasive ultrasounds


Uroflowmetry is an essential tool; it gives information on voided volume, flow time, the velocity at the start of the stream, maximal flow expressed in ml/sec, and flow pattern.
Interpretation of the flow curve shape provides accurate information for diagnosis and treatment options.

  • A normal flow will have a bell-shaped pattern and will be completed within 20 seconds.
  • DV typically comes with a staccato or interrupted flow pattern, resulting in residual urine


Ultrasounds can be used to visualize the kidneys, bladder, and diameter of the rectum.

  • Renal US: Usually not needed unless UTIs
  • Bladder US: Look for residuals, bladder wall thickening
  • Rectal US: Measurement of the transverse diameter of the rectum demonstrates the presence or absence of rectal fecal impaction
Lower urinary tract disorders | 2. Diagnosing LUTD
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