Imaging types and techniques

  • Ureterocele could be detected as a round or oval lucency near the trigone.
  • An effacement of the defect with increasing filling of the bladder
  • The presence or absence of VUR in association with ureterocele.
  • Assessment of the urinary bladder is generally limited.
  • Ureteroceles appear as variably sized thin-walled cystic structures in the urinary bladder lumen at MR urography and most often are associated with the upper moiety ureter of a duplex kidney.
  • Antenatal diagnosis is possible for ureteroceles.
  • Seen as a cystic intravesical mass in the posterior bladder wall.
  • Hydronephrosis could be detected.
  • Dilated intramucosal section of the ureter may be visualized as it inserts into the bladder and terminates in the ureterocele.
  • Duplex renal systems may also be identified.
  • Not used to detect ureteroceles.
  • Used evaluating baseline renal function in the ipsilateral and contralateral units for decision-making.
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