Sexual health and fertility issues

  • UI and other bothersome lower urinary tract symptoms are common in patients with a history of PUVs.
  • There is a suggestion that erectile function, libido, and paternity rates in patients with PUVs are comparable with those of the general population.
  • However, chronic kidney disease is associated with a higher incidence of ED and may place these patients at risk for issues with sexual function as they age.
  • Ejaculation may also be impaired, in part because of the dilated posterior urethra and bladder neck anomalies.
  • Semen analyses in this population demonstrate some abnormal semen parameters, including an increased incidence of immotile sperm, longer liquefaction times, and variably low or normal sperm counts.
  • With limited follow-up data, quality of life in adulthood seems to be comparable with the normal population in most domains, although those with renal impairment score lower overall.
Transitional urology
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