Prune Belly Syndrome

Renal and urinary issues

  • Prune belly syndrome is a rare disorder that encompasses bilateral undescended testes, abnormalities of the urinary tract, and absent anterior abdominal wall musculature.
  • Although the bladders of patients with prune belly syndrome are normal or enlarged in size, they may empty poorly.
  • Ureters tend to be dilated and may have peristaltic abnormalities. The urethra may be narrowed or stenotic in some patients.

Reasons for follow-up

Care must be taken with catheterization because these patients may be susceptible to urinary tract infections.

Patients are at significant risk for renal failure over the course of their lifetimes. Most who develop renal failure later in life show evidence of reflux and infection.

Whenever possible, abnormalities of the lower tract should be corrected before considering transplantation.

Renal transplantation also requires surgical fixation of the kidney, because there is a risk for vascular pedicle torsion given the diminished abdominal wall support.

Transitional urology
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