Sexual health and fertility issues

  • Erectile function has not been studied in a rigorous manner, but there is suggestion that up to one in four patients may have perceived or objective abnormal erectile function in adolescence and adulthood.
  • Up to 37% of patients report an issue with ejaculation, some of which may be attributable to a congenital deficiency in the corpus spongiosum or to a lack of corpus spongiosum surrounding the neourethra.
  • Infertility is prevalent, and 13% of men with isolated hypospadias have previously used infertility treatments.
  • There have not been consistently demonstrated abnormalities in semen analysis parameters among patients with isolated hypospadias, suggesting that one must have a heightened index of suspicion for urethral complications, such as stricture disease, in patients presenting with infertility.
Transitional urology
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