Monitoring UTIs

Signs of successful treatment

Urine usually becomes sterile after 24 hours

Leukocyturia normally disappears within three to four days

Normalization of body temperature can be expected within 24-48 hours after the start of therapy in 90% of cases

Road to recovery

In patients with prolonged fever and failing recovery, treatment-resistant uropathogens, the presence of congenital uropathy, and/or acute urinary obstructions should be considered. Repeated US examination is recommended in these cases.

Risk factors for recurrence

Among children who develop a UTI, up to 30% will develop a second infection.
Over one-half of recurrent UTI are caused by the same bacterial strain identified during the initial infection.

  • Non-modifiable factors

    Caucasian race Age Familiarity

  • Modifiable factors

    Dilating Reflux Voiding habits Bladder function Constipation Phimosis Fluid Intake

14 / 18
14 / 18